Become a Planter

New Leaf has spread to 60 countries with the assistance of volunteer Planters, who take Leafs with them while traveling for vacations or business.

Planting is fun. It’s easy. It gives you all kinds of warm fuzzies through the act of unconditional giving. (Just check out Responses to see what people say about finding Leafs) And if you ever wanted to play Easter Bunny or to pretend you were an international spy making a drop, this is your chance!

Planters commit to placing 1 or more New Leafs in a designated city. Leafs must be placed in plain sight in public areas where anyone can can find them. Public areas can include places which require admission (i.e., a zoo or museum) Planting can be as easy (placing a Leaf on top of the gas pump where you happen to be fueling up) or as involved (hiking to sacred ground on the top of a mountain and aligning your leaf with the 4 directions at sunrise) as you like.

Note: New Leaf is an art project that often crosses the spiritual paths of participants. New Leaf has no specific meaning or agenda other than to celebrate personal choice and to hopefully create a fun and maybe even magical experience for the finder. Any magic a participant experiences in New Leaf comes from the messages in their own heart. We recognize that the spiritual path is a personal one, at times the route taken may appear incomprehensible to others. New Leaf embraces all doctrines. We encourage participants to meet on the common ground of honoring the human spirit. New Leaf is proud to count Atheists, Muslims, Buddhists, Wiccans, Druids, and of course, a variety of Christians, among our numbers.

Gratification and a spot on the web page are the only rewards for planting - unless you also count the exercise you get from walking around.

Note: I have suspended New Leaf activities in favor of writerly pursuits due to health issues. It remains a project close to my heart. I might get back to it someday, if Lia ever stops getting into so much damned trouble.